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What weighs as much as 30 rhinos?

21 - 30 y.o. pedestrians are most at risk of being hit by a tram due to the many electronic distractions in their lives.

Our challenge was to convey a safety message without it disappearing into the white noise of all the other safety messages the consumer hears every day - messages that are too often ignored, missed or rejected as overly authoritarian.

Our message, ‘Beware! A tram weighs as much as 30 rhinos!’ had the desired effect of getting attention and stopping people in their tracks - safely.

This popular Melbourne campaign created a 93% message recall with the travelling public in the first 2 years of its inception.

It has since been adopted for use overseas in Belgium, France and most recently, Brisbane.

The campaign has been reworked to suit different requirements over the years.

From ‘BEWARE’ spelt out in 30 languages, to launching a campaign warning drivers of the perils of turning carelessly in front of 30 rhinos!