Yarra Trams Rhino Campaign

What started as a tactical advertising campaign, targeting 21 – 30 year old pedestrians, who are most at risk of being hit by a tram due to the many electronic distractions in their lives, has now evolved into Yarra Trams major safety campaign.

In 2011 Yarra Trams came to us with the challenge of conveying a safety message to an audience that was largely dismissive of overtly authoritarian messaging. We needed to identify with this audience and develop a campaign idea that would capture their attention in a surprising and engaging way.

Since then the Rhino has featured in driver focused campaigns, multicultural campaigns, and on hundreds of badges, t-shirts, stress-toys and postcards. There’s no escaping Spike and his message!

  • Activation
  • Cinema
  • Online
  • Outdoor
  • Print
  • Radio
  • Tram Stop Poster

  • Rhino Cartoon, Avant Card and Merchandise

  • Rhino Tram Wrap

  • Rhino 2 Tram Wrap

  • Rhino 2 Activation

  • Multilingual Rhino Tram Wrap