Lumo Energy – You’re the U in Lumo

In mid-2018, the energy industry went through new regulations
restricting energy retailers from promoting discounts in their
communications. Lumo came to Helsinki asking for a new brand campaign to attract customers without any specific discount offerings. The
brief was to shift Lumo’s advertising focus from the discount messaging to Lumo’s commitment to its customers. With Lumo, it’s ‘all about you’ so we came up with… “You’re the “U” in LUMO”.

Helsinki took the backing  jingle that was created in 2017 and gave it a refresh with fleshed out, fun
lyrics changing it into a fully fledged song! The campaign furthered LUMO’s fun and quirky voice
while giving the brand the new customer centric message it required.

The result was a bright, engaging, memorable integrated campaign that worked
seamlessly across TV, Radio, Cinema, OOH and Digital.

  • Online
  • Outdoor
  • Radio
  • TVC
  • Outdoor Special Build

  • Outdoor

  • Tram Wrap

  • Online