Help is just a snap away

Following a comprehensive deep-dive brand and communication strategy process, we developed the key creative device of a ‘finger snap’ that gave the brand a visual and aural mnemonic that represents the simplicity, speed, and ease of use of this fast growing digital health service.

Broadcast and BVOD played a key role in role in getting the ‘snap’ message out to the disparate audiences InstantScripts required.

We established a visual style using a new blue brand colour in clear, simple and engaging situations.

The website was redesigned to reflect the new campaign with matching graphics, imagery and visual style.

Live action people were overlaid against graphic ‘icon-like’ drawn backgrounds, with simple problem/solution scenarios that worked across Broadcast, BVOD, OOH and Social and Digital channels.

This cohesive, integrated campaign proved an immediate success, exceeding their targets and pushing InstantScripts to the top of the very competitive digital health sector.

The InstantScripts App graphics and UI was redesigned to better integrate into the new look.